Converted 300 AAC Blackout Brass

Processed 300 AAC Blackout Brass - Mixed Headstamps

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This product is formed from Once Fired Mixed Headstamp brass. What does that mean? It means that the product you will be getting will have both commercial headstamps, as well military headstamps in the mix.

Does this mix make the product any inferior? Absolutely not, it just means you have to know if you can use this brass. Not all barrels will love this brass, and some pieces will oversize after seating a bullet. So please make sure you understand the 1) process of loading 300 Blackout and 2) know your barrel.

The price of this brass is significantly cheaper compared to our military converted brass, as well as to our competition. The value of this brass is great. A lot of this brass is still military brass and within all specs to work great in any barrel.




All of the brass goes through a pre-selection process where we screen and sort out discolored cases. After the pre-selection, the brass gets washed and dried, ready to be processed. The brass runs through several stages on different machines that check the cases for foreign objects, de-primes, and swages the primer pockets to remove the primer pocket crimp and checks for ringers and crimp removal.

After the initial processing, the cases get lubed, trimmed and sized. Additionally, we size the case opening. Our equipment keeps tolerances within 0.003 at high production rates. After the final forming and trimming, the brass gets another wash, at which all lube is removed and the brass is brought to a shine. The brass gets polished without media, so none of the cases will have dust residue.

We inspect every case that we convert and nothing leaves the warehouse without being visually checked. Just in case, we add 1 extra case for every 100, so in case that your standards may be higher than ours, you have something to cover that.

Our brass will run through your machines just like new brass.



  • Pre-washed and hand picked
  • Sized to original SAAMI specs
  • De-primed & swaged
  • Formed with carbide dies
  • Trimmed to 1.355 +/- 0.003
  • Case mouth expanded to correct diameter
  • Washed to a new look
  • Instantly dried for a spotless shine
  • Hand inspected and quality controlled

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